Clear as a bell!

Hainvg enjoyed your coffee and biscuits, listen out for the bell being rung in the hall at Christ the King on Sunday 27 October at 10.30.  It marks the start of the catechism session for the under 8s.  About 30 minutes later it will ring again, this time for the under 16s, and finally there’s a session for adults starting at 11.30.  Come along and hear some really good Catholic teaching from Fr Patrick O’Donohue – in these confused times we need to be clear in our minds about what we believe.

The best kept secret in Bedford!

 All over the country, the secret is being acted out, and Bedford is no exception.  For the last four years priests have been celebrating Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form every week at Christ the King, which has grown from 16 people at the first Latin Mass in August 2015 to around 100 every Sunday by September 2019.    These are men and women in their 70s and 80s, young adults, teenagers, children, babies a few weeks old.  They come from far and wide, even as far as Norwich, 100 miles away.

What is the attraction?  In this age which is marked by noise, change and uncertainty, there is a deep desire in many hearts for silence, stability and clear teaching.  All these are to be found in the traditional Latin Mass, which has remained virtually unchanged for many hundreds of years, and which has nourished the faith of the saints and countless others down the ages.

Most people attending a traditional Mass for the first time are struck by the silence as they enter the church.  The Mass gives inspiration and space for private thought and prayer.  The beautiful vestments, the incense and the precise actions of the celebrant leave one in no doubt that something other-worldly and very special is happening.  The transubstantiated Host, the Body of Christ, is handled by the priest alone and received directly onto the tongue of the communicants while kneeling if able.  After Mass the congregation remains silent in thanksgiving before leaving the church or staying on for the Rosary.

Interested?  The Latin Mass is celebrated at 8.30 am every Sunday at Christ the King, Bedford, see, and also at 8 am every Sunday at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Chesham Bois.



Record Mass Attendance at Bedford last Sunday? Sung Mass and Catechism this Sunday.

Every year for their statistics, the Diocese asks us to count the number of people attending Mass for four consecutive Sundays.  The first of these was last Sunday and our count was 111!   We think this could be a new record for the Bedford Latin Mass.

There are two big attractions next Sunday to keep the numbers up. Firstly, Matthew Schellhorn is with us to sing Mass for the Dedication of St Michael Archangel, which as always will be beautiful and uplifting.  Then starting at 10.30, we have Family Catechism in three groups: the under 8s will have a Bible Study, the under 16s will be looking at the first of the Ten Commandments, and the over 16s will be delving into the Old Testament.  Fr Patrick O’Donohue will be leading these talks in the Patrick Donegan Room.  And there’s tea and coffee in the hall between Mass and Catechism.

Sunday morning is going to be great!  Do come and join us and see if we can get the numbers even higher!

Can Your Son become Your Daughter?

If you are an adult Catholic, come along to the next Patricians’ meeting for some lively discussion on this ‘hot topic’ of transgenderism and ‘gender theory’. It takes place in the Patrick Donegan room next to the church hall at Christ the King on Saturday 10th August starting at 7pm and ending at 9pm. Includes two short talks, one by a layman and another by our Spiritual Director, always a priest or deacon. Each talk last 15 mins each – maximum; there is an open floor discussion and refreshments. Open to all Catholics aged 18 and over.

Brown Scapular Enrolment

Brown Scapular Enrolment: A group enrolment of the Brown Scapular will be taking place on Sunday 14th July following 8:30 am Mass. Both adults and children who have reached the age of reason are invited to partake of this devotion. Brown Scapulars will be provided free of charge, but donations are welcome. Individuals will be formally invested in the scapular, requiring only the daily praying of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary or five decades of the Rosary.

Second Meeting of the Patricians

The Society of Patricians has started in Bedford; we will be meeting the second Saturday of every month at 7:30 pm in the Patrick Donegan Room (green cabin), Christ the King Church.

Organised by the Legion of Mary, the Society aims to build up a knowledgable and confident laity by discussing essential and important topics of the Catholic Faith, especially those under attack or widely misunderstood.  Each meeting involves two short talks (15 minutes each) split by an open floor discussion, one by a layman and another by the Society’s spiritual director.  Fr O’Donohue has kindly agreed to act in this capacity for our local branch.

The next upcoming meeting will be on Saturday 13th July, and the topic of this meeting will be:  “Are All Religions equal?”  Catholics often know their faith, but are afraid to discuss it with others, even other Catholics, for many reasons.  The Patricians aim to help the laity to overcome this reticence – all Catholics aged 18+ may attend.  The Patricians is not a lecture system or classroom, it is designed to help Catholics to help other Catholics in understanding, explaining and growing in the one True Faith.  Refreshments included, meetings begin with prayer and conclude with the Creed and a priestly blessing.