Happy Feast of the Ascension 

Today is a Holyday of Obligation! Mass tonight will be at 7:30. 

Bi þon se witga song:

“He wæs upp hafen engla fæðmum
in his þa miclan meahta spede,
heah ond halig, ofer heofona þrym.

Of this the prophet sang:

“He was lifted up in the arms of angels
in the great abundance of his powers,
high and holy, above the glory of the heavens

More beautiful poetry here:


Take your partners …

We have a fantastic evening planned for Friday 6 July under the auspices of the Social Committee at Christ the King.  Mick Wooldridge, the husband of one of our congregation, is a barn dance caller and has very kindly offered his services free of charge.  Mick also plays the saxophone and will be playing between dances while we catch our breath!

Bring your own food, but there will be a bar, raffle and barn dance costume fancy dress competition.  All for a very reasonable £5 for adults and £3 for children.  After expenses, the proceeds will be divided equally between the parish and the FSSP.  Mary Wooldridge has tickets available in the hall on Sunday mornings. The parish contact is Sue Anstead, 01234 965497.

Come and bring your friends!

There’s plenty on this Saturday!

Hello everyone,

A reminder that this Saturday is a First Saturday and so plenty going on at Christ the King in Bedford:

10 am Fatima Devotions (Rosary & meditation, Confessions)

11 am Holy Mass
12 noon Lunch (bring packed lunch)
12.30 pm Catechism (for under-8s)
1 pm Catechism (for under-16s)
1.45 pm Catholicism in 2018 (for adults)
2.30 pm Altar server training

There’s no Gregorian Chant practise this weekend


If you can’t make that, then there’s the March for Life in London:

A Musical Surprise

As Sung Latin Mass at Christ the King, Bedford, is normally on the first Sunday of the month, the congregation on Sunday 22 April were expecting a Low Mass, but they got a pleasant surprise.  Matthew Schellhorn, a professional musician well known in Traditional musical circles, was in the Bedford area over the weekend and had asked if he could sing the Mass.  Fr James Mawdsley, FSSP, the celebrant, readily agreed!

Matthew both played the organ and sang the Mass on his own. The music, combined with the liturgy going on simultaneously downstairs in the sanctuary, combined to lift all the senses heavenward.

Every Mass should be sung; Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger said more than thirty years ago, “Wherever man praises God, the word alone does not suffice”.  A Sung Mass is not possible at Bedford every Sunday, but Matthew has kindly agreed to return to Bedford to sing the Mass on Trinity Sunday, 27 May.  Between now and then, the newly formed schola will sing the Mass on Sunday 13 May to coincide with the visit of the Bishop of Northampton.