Masses of Reparation

If you are able to get to London, you may like to go to this:

Sung EF Mass at Our Lady of theAssumption and S. Gregory , Warwick Street. London W1B 5LZ AT 7PM

Wednesday 4th July in reparation for the Irish vote. Warwick Street is in the care of the Ordinariate and there is a TLM twice weekly, said on Saturdays at 12 and sung on Wednesdays at 7pm. It is celebrated by the Parish Priest Fr Mark Elliot-Smith.


LMS Triduum Information

IMG_1784(Mass times for Bedford/Reading here)

The Latin Mass Society will be celebrating the Sacred Triduum in St Mary Moorfields Church, Eldon Street, London EC2M 7LS, by kind invitation of Fr Christopher Vipers, the Parish Priest. Music will be supplied by Cantus Magnus, directed by Matthew Schellhorn.

WEDNESDAY 28 MARCH – Spy Wednesday
21:00 Tenebrae
Hieremiæ prophetæ lamentationes a 5, Lassus
Responsoria pro Triduo Sacro in
Nocturno II et III a 4, Lassus

THURSDAY 29 MARCH – Maundy Thursday
18:00 High Mass
Missa super l’Homme Armé Anerio
Christus factus est Pitoni
Pater noster Lassus
21:00 Tenebrae
Hieremiæ prophetæ lamentationes a 5, Lassus
Responsoria pro Triduo Sacro in
Nocturno II et III a 4, Lassus

FRIDAY 30 MARCH – Good Friday
18:00 Solemn Liturgy
Passio secundum Joannem, Byrd
Popule meus, Richardson
Caligaverunt oculi mei, Lassus
21:00 Tenebrae
Hieremiæ prophetæ lamentationes a 5, Lassus
Responsoria pro Triduo Sacro in
Nocturno II et III a 4, Lassus

SATURDAY 31 MARCH – Holy Saturday
18:00 Solemn Vigil
Petite messe solennelle, Battmann
Tantum ergo O salutaris hostia, Dubois

The cost to the LMS of celebrating the full Triduum is quite considerable, if you would like to make a donation towards the cost, please do by visiting

Gain Plenary Indulgences for the Souls in Purgatory This Week

You may already know this (announced at Mass last Sunday, 29th Nov) , but just in case you don’t, here is the info on indulgences you can obtain for the Poor Souls in Purgatory (each day this week) and also for yourself (today)!

Courtesy of Bridegroom Press: (and re-posted from One Peter Five) (here)

Grant #29.1.1

For the Souls in Purgatory

Plenary Indulgence

A plenary indulgence, applicable only to the souls in purgatory, is granted each and every day from Nov 1 to Nov 8, who devoutly visit a cemetery and there pray, if only mentally, for the departed.

Grant #29.1.2

All Souls’ Day – Plenary Indulgence

A plenary indulgence is granted the faithful who, on All Souls’ Day (or according to the judgment of the bishop, on the Sunday preceding or following it, or on the solemnity of All Saints), devoutly visits a church or an oratory and recites an Our Father and the Creed.


Requirements for obtaining a plenary indulgence:

Do the work while in a state of grace,
Receive Sacramental confession within 20 days of the work (several plenary indulgences may be earned per reception),
Receive Eucharistic communion (one plenary indulgence may be earned per reception),
Pray for the pope’s intentions (Our Father and Hail Mary, or other appropriate prayer, is sufficient),
Have no attachment to sin (even venial) – i.e., it is sufficient that the Christian makes an act of the will to love God and despise sin.
Requirements for a partial indulgence: The work must be done while in a state of grace and with the general intention of earning an indulgence.


Only baptized persons in a state of grace who generally intend to do so may earn indulgences.
Indulgences cannot be applied to the living, but only to the one doing the work or to the dead.
Only one plenary indulgence per day can be earned (except for prayer at the hour of one’s own death).
Several partial indulgences can be earned during the same day.
If only part of a work with plenary indulgence attached is completed, a partial indulgence still obtains.
If the penance assigned in confession has indulgences attached, the one work can satisfy both penance and indulgence.
Confessors may commute the work or the conditions if the penitent cannot perform them due to legitimate obstacles.
In groups, indulgenced prayer must be recited by at least one member while the others at least mentally follow the prayer.
If speech/hearing impairments make recitation impossible, mental expression or reading of the prayer is sufficient.
For an indulgence attached to a particular day requiring a church visit, the day begins at noon the day before and ends at midnight.
What are you waiting for? This is a fantastic opportunity to help the Church Suffering!

Fatima 2017: Statue and Relics to visit Northampton Cathedral

Visitation of the Statue and Relics to the Diocese of Northampton from 30 Sept-1 Oct 2017.

The National Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima, and Relics of Blessed Jacinta and Francisco will be travelling around the country, visiting various Cathedrals abbeys and churches this year, 2017, which is the Centenary year of the Fatima message, which was given by the Blessed Virgin between May and October 1917.

The Latin Mass Society are involved in the short visitation to the Dominican Priory, Haverstock Hill, London, on 8 July 2017

More details here:

(The World Apostolate of Fatima is an approved Public Association of the Faithful).


‘A Catholic Replies to Professor Dawkins’.

Fr. Thomas Crean, a regular celebrant at Christ the King published a terrific book in 2007, titled ‘A Catholic Replies to Professor Dawkins’. Essentially, the book is a refutation of Dawkins’ best-seller, ‘The God Delusion’, where Dawkins claims that “belief in God is not only a delusion, but also that religion actually has a harmful influence on society.”

I will post a longer ‘review’ in the resources section shortly.

Suffice to say, this is an excellent read and well worth purchasing. Copies are rare, but used copies are available on Amazon, here:

Fr. Crean has published at least four books, available on Amazon including a specific refutation of ‘The God Delusion’ (God is No Delusion: A Refutation of Richard Dawkins).

‘A Catholic Replies to Professor Dawkins’ shouldn’t be seen as a book aimed at atheists. If anything, its style is one of conversation with a fellow Catholic. Like a truly good writer, Fr. Crean conveys complex arguments in a very readable way, with a dash of tongue-in-cheek humour woven into the very sound, sensible reproaches. The book focusses on two main philosophies; one held by the author, the order by Dawkins. That it manages to surmise Dawkins’ book, dispensing with unhelpful commentary, and getting down to the main points, is another quality of the book – keeping it succinct and readable.



Mass times

The Traditional Latin Mass (designated Extraordinary Form) is celebrated at Christ the King Catholic Church,  Harrowden Road, Bedford, every Sunday at 08:30am.

Booklets, published by the Latin Mass Society of England & Wales are at the back of Church, and these detail the rubrics of the Mass for those unfamiliar with this form of the Mass.

At the Extraordinary Form, for those able to receive, Communion is received kneeling, on the tongue.

For other information about this form of the Mass, you can find answers to frequently asked questions, here

and a fantastic website, dedicated to explaining the ‘Old Rite’, here