Latin Mass in the hall

With thanks to Barbara for the post!

An unusual set of circumstances led to the Latin Mass at Bedford being said in the church hall on Sunday 10 April.  Our visiting celebrant, Fr Diaz, was delayed for an hour, which meant that the 8.30 am Latin Mass would have run into the 10 am Novus Ordo Mass in the church. So we moved to the church hall, bringing all the necessary Mass items possible from the church.  It was not the first time the Latin Mass had been celebrated in the hall, as this had actually been the church up until 1960.  However, we believe it was the first time the Latin Mass had been celebrated in the hall for nearly 56 years.  As we knelt on the hard floor, used a hall table as an altar and improvised with crockery from the kitchen for the priest’s hand washing, it was a reminder of past, and perhaps future, times when the Mass would be said in difficult circumstances. We thank God for Fr Diaz and all the priests who persisted and gave us those Masses and this one.

latin mass in hall.jpg


Mass times

The Traditional Latin Mass (designated Extraordinary Form) is celebrated at Christ the King Catholic Church,  Harrowden Road, Bedford, every Sunday at 08:30am.

Booklets, published by the Latin Mass Society of England & Wales are at the back of Church, and these detail the rubrics of the Mass for those unfamiliar with this form of the Mass.

At the Extraordinary Form, for those able to receive, Communion is received kneeling, on the tongue.

For other information about this form of the Mass, you can find answers to frequently asked questions, here

and a fantastic website, dedicated to explaining the ‘Old Rite’, here